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Home insurance is a policy you buy to protect your structure against perils such as fire, lightning, wind, hail, theft and vandalism. This coverage pays to rebuild or replace in the event one of the covered perils causes damage to your home. Not only does it cover the structure, but it also includes coverage for your belongings known as contents within. A dollar limit is usually scheduled or chosen. The policy also offers you liability protection in the event of a law suit. Coverages not covered by standard policy, but can be purchased separately or as additions are flood and earthquake.

Rental Property

Do you rent out a residential property you own? Maybe it’s an investment, or maybe it’s a core source of income. Either way, you should consider protecting your property and your interests as a landlord. This policy provides protection from damages inflicted on your property.

Auto / Antique Auto

The state of Virginia requires you to carry liability insurance to drive on their roads. This coverage applies to the policyholder and covers them for injuries or damage they cause someone else. You may also buy coverage to protect you and your car for damages. Auto insurance is important to protect yourself from a catastrophic type event that may result in large amounts of money paid out due to accident or occurrence.

Motorcycle / Boat / RV / Golf Cart

Motorcycle / Boat / RV / Golf Cart insurance can be purchased to cover your toys for physical damage, theft, fire, and liability coverage to protect you and others from the damage these items may cause to others. This policy benefits you by minimizing your loss and protect yourself from a lawsuit.

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