Whether you operate an automobile repair shop, a body shop or even a tow service, there are common coverages required to protect you, your employees and your business. What you see below are basic examples of the insurance we provide and can be part of a package tailored to your specific needs. Let our years of experience work for YOU!  

Commercial General Liability

Commercial General Liability (used to be called garage liability) covers damage resulting from faulty workmanship. For example, your garage does an oil change for a customer, but the technician fails to tighten the filter when the change is complete. The customer drives off and 10 miles down the road the oil is gone and the engine seizes up. The damage to the car’s engine is covered under Commercial General Liability.


For towers, this coverage is needed just in case your employee makes a mistake. If your tow service improperly tows a front wheel drive vehicle and burns up the transmission, the damage to repair or replace the transmission is covered. Over the several years we have seen claims exceeding $10,000 to cover damages to transmissions in Volvo road tractors. You need this coverage!

Garage Keeper's Liability

Garage Keeper’s Liability covers damage to customer’s cars / trucks in your care, custody and control where you are negligent. For example, if you leave keys in the car and someone steals it while you are open or closed, you are responsible. This coverage protects you and the claim gets paid. 

Commercial Auto

Commercial Auto Insurance protects you in the event of an accident with one of your vehicles. This coverage provides the liability limits to satisfy the state you operate in and where necessary, meet filing requirements.

Commercial Property

Commercial Property Insurance provides coverage for your tools, equipment and the building you are buying or renting.

Business Interruption

Business Interruption helps cover rent, mortgage, lost profits, etc. when you are shut down due to a fire or other covered perils.

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