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Towing insurance requires substantial knowledge and a “hands on” approach that is necessary to direct your towing operation in the best position to succeed in a competitive market. Vendors have many requirements and we have all the capabilities to offer lines of insurance to meet the needs of these vendor requests.

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Ashcraft Insurance is a proud member of VATRO (Virginia Association of Towing & Recovery Operators), offers TIMS (Traffic Incident Management Safety) training, and has acquired a wealth of knowledge pertaining to FMSCA and DMV Motor Carrier requirements.

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What is Towing Insurance?

Towers are emergency responders. They are called at all hours of the day and night, and in all kinds of weather and are the ones we all count on to rescue us and our vehicles from tragic events. While we count on them, we often don’t realize the risks that they take everyday. The risks they take require them to carry major amounts of insurance. It is so important that they have the kinds of insurance and the limits of coverage that will protect them and their companies. The insurance that they need is very specialized, and it requires a towing insurance expert to guide them, so that they are adequately protected for the critical jobs that they do everyday.

What does is cover?

Towing insurance requirements often are established by State and Federal minimum standards. Quite often, those limits do not adequately protect the towing company from liability situations, and they need more coverage. Based on the nature of their operation, the towing insurance expert can evaluate and make proper recommendations. Coverages to protect their tow trucks and equipment, as well as the vehicles and cargo that they are entrusted with require attention as well. Having the correct coverage and the proper limits of coverage are critical. Not having enough coverage for a tragic event can potentially lead to the destruction of a towing company that has taken a lifetime to establish.

What are the benefits?

While towing companies are experts at what they do, there are times when things go wrong. Having the correct coverage and the proper limits of coverage are critical. We are working with a very routine event one minute, and a very unique and complicated recovery event the next. Sometimes something as simple as the breakage of a strap or chain can result in a catastrophic loss. We must be prepared for that possibility at all times.
Having the right insurance can make all the difference in the towing.


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