Vice President

Dave Teets

Dave Teets has been a career insurance agent for about 30 years. He has been involved in the towing industry for nearly that long as well. Dave decided over 25 years ago, that if he enjoyed working with towing companies, he should know something about towing. So, he went to work for a local towing company and learned the business from the inside out. Working accidents and towing cars for nearly 25 years has given him the ability to really understand the industry, and he thinks it has made him a better representative of towers and the insurance companies as well.

Dave’s involvement with safety education and training is something that he is strongly committed to as the idea of helping improve safety for emergency workers on the highways is most important. Dave is WreckMaster certified to level 7 as well as a Traffic Incident Management (TIMS) instructor which is required for all VA towers and employees.

Dave’s profession is one thing, and his passion is another. He has owned some sort of boat since he was 14 years old, and his love of the water and boating has been with him always. Dave is involved extensively with boating education and enjoys teaching safe boating classes as well as spending time on the water. More important to Dave than boating are his two children and two grandchildren…they are the love of his life.

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